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Jharkhand is a state of Mines and Minerals, Industries, Wildlife Sanctuaries and Forestaries. It is mostly a tribal area. Nearly eighty percent of the population of the state are tribes. Sarhul is the most famous festival among the tribes.

With its capital city Ranchi, Mines are located near the Dhanbad city, Minerals are in Chhotanagpur, Wildlife in Hazaribagh, Industries in Jamshedpur and Bokaro.

It is rich in Iron and Steel, Coal, Mica etc. Iron ore rich area is Chhotanagpur. Bokaro is well known for its Iron and Steel. Jamshedpur is the Industrial Capital of the state.

Deoghar is a well known Hindu Pilgrimage center. One of the Dwadash Jyotirlinga is situated here.

Places to Visit
Chotanagpur, Dhanbad, Hazaribagh, Ranchi

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